Another way to check the heart functionality is with an echocardiogram. Often used in conjunction with a Stress Test, an echocardiogram enables doctors and lab technicians to see a graphic outline of the heart’s movements and the pumping action of the heart when stressed. A non-invasive technique using sonar or sound waves, echocardiography offers a very precise way to detect the heart’s movement and shape. It is usually recommended for those with abnormal pain in the heart.

After getting the patient to lie down, electrodes are placed on the chest. In some cases, the patient might be asked to breathe in a certain way or to lie on one side. A gel is applied to the chest, and then a transducer i.e. a hand-held machine that sends and receives sound is placed on the body, over the heart. This measures the distance in order to produce the visual representation of the heart on a monitor and can later be printed on special paper. A trained sonographer can conduct the test after which a cardiologist can interpret the results.

There are no special preparations required for this test but all patients, especially those with diabetes are advised to speak to their doctor before taking or altering any medication or changing their routine.

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